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MUGSTAR’s masterwork AXIS is released today!!!

“Axis sees the band at their most eclectic, playful and ambitious. It’s one of the year’s finest LPs..” Soundblab

“Mugstar are very much back floating and crashing through space. And Axis might well prove to be their masterpiece.” Both Bars On

“A surge of what have by all accounts been mind-blowing live shows has obviously strengthened Mugstar’s musical musculature… it feels good to be back on this particular road with Mugstar at the wheel.” Freq

“Their sound is ever evolving, here are the familiar sounds akin to early Pink Floyd performing ‘Set the controls for the heart of the sun’ but with more textures.” Ech(((0)))s and Dust

“A motherload of motorik psych exploration from Liverpool’s finest.” Boomkat