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Forthcoming Behind The Wall of Sleep Shows

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Behind the Wall of Sleep are happy to announce some forthcoming Liverpool shows:

Friday 22nd June – Damo Suzuki & Mugstar (krautrock and Can legend with Liverpool’s mighty psych rock masters) with support from Mind Mountain and Cantaloupe – Kazimer

Sunday 1st July – Gigantes (Liverpool’s Goblin / Zombi duo) album launch “Death to the Beast” – Mello Mello

Weds 29th August – Anta (Heavy Heavy Prog from Bristol) – Mello Mello

Sun 29th September – Expo 70 (Experimental drone from Los Angeles) – Mello Mello

And a whole more….including a return of Davana, Lecherous Gaze, Gentleman’s Pistols and Black Sabbath.


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Wooden Wand, aka James Jackson Toth, is heading over to the UK for some live dates this summer.
Wooden Wand Tour Dates (more to be announced)
26/6/12 – Trades Club – Hebden Bridge
27/6/12 – Night And Day Cafe – Manchester
29/6/12 – Cafe Oto – London (with Duke Garwood and Dead Rat Orchestra)
30/6/12 – Miss Peapods – Penryn
4/7/12 – The Duchess – York
5/7/12 – Rough Trade East Instore – London – 7pm (with Duke Garwood)
7/7/12 – Lushfest – Dorset
James Jackson Toth, known to the world as Wooden Wand, is a maverick, good-hearted troubadour whose blend of smoky Americana has been garnering plaudits for the last decade. Unafraid to mix psychedelic workouts with sweet and soulful country, his varied and prolific output has resulted in a wealth of lyrically rich songs; the kind whose lines stick in your head for a lifetime.
After the release of Wooden Wand’s critically acclaimed album Briarwood last year, Fire are also releasing a deluxe version which features eight acoustic demo versions of tracks from the LP. This is what Uncut had to say in their four star review: “That Toth can be so prolific and maintain such quality control remains miraculous” and Mojo said this: “Beautifully yawning sunbeams of guitar“.
Joining Wooden Wand for two of the London dates is labelmate and blues troubadour Duke Garwood, who together released a split 12″ for Record Store Day but as that flew off the shelves immediately, copies are being repressed in time for the tour in July.

Ty Segall Band

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BTWOS is over the moon and happy as a pig in shit to announce the debut release by the Ty Segall Band. The Ty Segall Band is Ty Segall (obviously), Mikal Cronin, Charlie Moothart, and Emily Rose Epstein. While Ty has released many incredible solo releases, Slaughterhouse marks the first release where he has recorded with his touring band.
For this mini-album (it’s only 10″ but you get two!), the band recorded with Chris Woodhouse at The Hangar, turned their amps all the way up, set their fuzz pedals on obliterate, and commenced to kick ass and take names.
Seriously, this record will melt your face.
All of Ty’s usual psych-pop sensibilities are still present, but Slaughterhouseadds the full-throttle, go-for-the-throat bombast that the band delivers in the live setting. This is fuzz riffs, bratty howl and Cro-Magnon bashing. The whole thing culminates with a fuzztone feedback freakout that’s pretty much the only sensible way to end a workout of this magnitude.
This is f**king great! So is the Ty Segall Band. – Larry Hardy, In The Red

Archers of Loaf

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Archers of Loaf play several European shows including I’ll Be Your Mirror Festival in London on 27 May and Primavera Festival in Spain May 30-June 3.
Remastered by Bob Weston and featuring new liner notes by MAGNET magazine editor Eric Miller, physical copies of Vee Vee will include sixteen bonus tracks and new cover art re-imagined by graphic artist Jay Ryan. Reissues of All the Nation’s Airports and White Trash Heroes will follow later in 2012.
The first full-length produced by Bob Weston, Vee Vee was a slight departure from the previous bombastic noisepop that characterized Archers of Loaf’s previous work, and it proved that the band wasn’t just a flash in the pan. The album became their best-selling album to date and landed them on the covers of most fanzines and at the top of college radio charts across the country. “Harnessed in Slums” and “Greatest of All Time” became anthems of the underground and led to successful tours with the Flaming Lips and Weezer.
Singer/guitarist Eric Bachmann, guitarist Eric Johnson, bassist Matt Gentling, and drummer Mark Price formed Archers of Loaf in Chapel Hill, NC in 1991. Icky Mettle was the first of four studio albums for the band that seemed to personify what SPIN Magazine deemed “a tremendously optimistic time in underground music, that 15-minute period in the early 1990s when it looked like indie rock really might take over the world.”
The band never officially “broke up.” Eric Bachmann had another project he was working on (Crooked Fingers) and the grind of the traditional album cycle and touring started to weigh on their desire to continue making music together. Over the last 13 years, the band have kept in touch with each other and over the last couple years the band members began to develop an itch that needed to be scratched. They got together to practice a few times in late 2010, and things clicked much better than expected, so they decided to dip their toes in the water by perform- ing the secret show in January 2011 at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC with the Love Language. The show proved they hadn’t really missed a beat, and so a larger tour was booked in mostly smaller venues to replicate the raw live experience for which the band had always been highly regarded.
Watch the original video for “Harnessed in Slums” from Vee Vee
Stream/Download “Harnessed in Slums” here:

RM Hubbert

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Last time Hubbert played a BTWOS show he blew everyones mind with his unique and intricate guiatr playing and we are really happy to have him back playing in Liverpool once again. .. DO NOT MISS!!! Support comes from Post Hardcore French trio sounding like Fugazi, The Ex and Shellac. Awesome!!!!