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Thee Oh Sees

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2011 has seen THEE OH SEES bringing us their masterpiece ‘Carrion Crawler / The Dream’, think Syd Barrett playing guitar in the Butthole Surfers doing 1960’s garage punk rock songs….The Saviours of rock music?? Quite possibly….

Can you tell me how Thee Oh Sees came together?
back in the day most of us lived in the same neighborhood
we had all been in bands previous to thee oh sees so it wasnt a far cry that we would end up in a band together
we all had like minded musical tastes
Carrion Crawler / The Dream is the album of the year at Behind the wall of Sleep. Any suggestions of your fave records of the year?
sounds good.
my 2 favs this year were:
michael yonkers “goodby sunball” reissue
total control “henge beat”
What happened to Pink & Brown and Coachwhips?
pink and brown dissolved  after a 37 show tour years ago. we were both young and it was time to move on
coachwhips survived 1 complete lineup change (minus me of course) then one day we wrote our `125th song and we realized we were just bored. time to move on again. luckily, in the long run, both were amicable separations
How did Brigid coming in shape the band? I heard that she taught you about vocal harmonies.
singing with brigid taught me how to harmonize in a way yes because i had always been the sole singer of all the previous bands..she worked at the cafe on the corner from my every morning i would see that gorgeous face and wonder if we could work together.
she would also sing for all the customers as she made them their cups of coffee, so that was how we knew we must have her
You release a lot of records, any favourites? Whats in the pipeline? Are In The Red supportive of this output?
in the red is great yes. i think carrion crawler/the dream is our strongest effort as a full band recording . i think dog poison was my favorite solo venture. right now we are focused on touring a bit , nothing really solid at the moment as far as any releases on the horizon
Can you tell me the story of the cover of the drawn on stomachs on the singles collection. I heard a couple of interesting tales!
we met those 2 cats at the first ATP we did in butlins (uk) they were 2 great fanas who had scrawled them images on each other and came out in full swing for the show. Brigid managed to capture a photo before the art was all sweated away
My friend Bob thinks Thee Oh Sees are ‘The saviours of rock music’ and will have the same the cultural impact Nirvana had. Discuss…
i was a big nirvana fan the second i heard them. they brought something new to the table and although i would hesitate to ever compare us to nirvana , i do appreciate the nice things your friend says
Is ‘Qudraspazzed’ a Brass Eye reference and if so what is you favourite episode or something about Chris Morris
it is !! i love chris morris , my favorite episode i would have to say is the pedophilia  one.
Is there a theme within your artwork which at times appears give a quite different feel to the music?
well i try to select different friends of ours to do our art these days , really i trust each one with there take on the band sooo..they have never failed us.
When are you next touring the uk and playing in Liverpool?
we wil be over for some shows in june.
Do you know you remind me of The Fall for some reason?
we wear our inspiration on our sleeves so as not to seem sneaky.

Thee Oh Sees

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Thee Oh Sees – Carrion Crawler / The Dream

Thee Oh Sees are a band from San Francisco, Orange County (OC’s…), California, USA. Beginning as an outlet for John Dwyer of Pink & Brown and Coach Whips. After numerous releases and intense live shows Thee Oh Sees release their masterpiece. Carrion Crawler / The Dream started out as two EP’s before being released together on one album. These are long, sprawling, relentless psych-garage-rock rave-ups, that bring to mind Syd Barrett’s Pink Floyd guitar-lines, Butthole Surfers and primal rock.

Thee Oh Sees are, proclaims my friend, THE SAVIOURS OF ROCK MUSIC. So don’t miss out….


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Manchester’s crazy psychonauts GNOD play a rare Liverpool show on Wednesday 21st December as party of Behind The Wall of Sleep’s Anti-Christmas party. Support comes from prog wizards Gigantes and noise kings Spitting Cobra…

The GIT Awards

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New Getintothis Award recognises next generation of Liverpool musicians.

Some cities have wonderful pop music histories, some might be lucky enough to enjoy successful periods in the future, but few can confidently say, they have both. Liverpool is one of a select bunch of cities that can.

Like London, New York, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles, it can accurately claim to have changed the complexion of modern music.

Now, a new prize, the GIT Award (an acronym of Getintothis in case you were wondering!), is about to recognise the best of the future crop of Liverpool bands who may go on to do what Scousers have been doing for more than half a century – changing the course of history.

As award-winning writer and Word Magazine associate editor Paul Du Noyer, author of the peerless history of the city’s pop music culture, Liverpool Wondrous Place, says, ‘Music is not just the heritage but the heartbeat of Liverpool.

But, it’s not just about rock and roll and the guitar bands the city has mostly been famed for, the GIT Award will celebrate Liverpool’s current rich musical diversity.
From the thriving hip hop scene to its electronica artists, from its long-established country and roots community to punk, folk and metal, the GIT Award is open to all.

Peter Guy, Liverpool ECHO journalist and editor of Getintothis, says, ‘Think of it as the Scouse Mercury Prize – but, the only criteria being that it has a clear connection with Liverpool; ie: the record was made, produced or recorded by Liverpudlians.

Unlike the Mercurys, there will be a transparent judging panel and as many grass roots musicians won’t record a full album during the course of a year, we’re asking for four tracks be submitted to be eligible for entry – think of it as an old school four-track EP.

Du Noyer added: ‘I love the idea of an award to celebrate the musicians who are actively creating new music today – these are the very artists who will enrich the city’s future.