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Weird Owl

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After the release of ‘Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed’ back in 2009, New York psych rock band WEIRD OWL will be releasing their follow up, titled  “Build Your Beast a Fire” which is out  26th July 2011 on TEEPEE RECORDS.

Wooden Shjips

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Wooden Shjips – ‘West’ Thrill Jockey

Thrill Jockey’s latest signings Wooden Shjips have truly given us an album based in the past, present and future. Combining the likes Spacemen 3, Loop, The Stooges, The Velvets, Suicide, Neu!, Hawkwind with drone rock minimalism and their own compelling formula of drone, fuzzed guitars; hypnotic vocals and dreamy organ rhythms pushed to their limits by the precise rhythm section sees ‘West’ being the gateway to the future. But hanging back in the past, ‘West’ is based on the mythology, romanticism and idealism of the American West, hence the title. Part of the allure is the concept of Manifest Destiny, the vastness, and the possibilities for reinvention, which is what Wooden Shjips have brought with ‘West’.

Part of this reinvention is the fact that this is the first Shjips album recorded in a proper studio, recorded and mixed in six days at Lucky Cat Studios in San Francisco and mastered by Spacemen 3’s better half Sonic Boom. Possibly their first album to give them a vastness and a chance to expand and enhance their influences over the length of the record, 7 tracks in total. You know it’s Wooden Shjips when you hear them, they are clearly defined and have a certain type of groove that only they know how to do. Ripley Johnson’s hazy and distrorted guitar patterns and vocals are here as with all their other releases but it seems to have transported the music further than they have before. It is an exhilarating listen.

Our introduction is ‘Black Smoke Rise’ a dark ride, relentless in its presence and staring through a haze of dust, wandering and swirling with Nash Whalen’s organ bobbing in and out. Pathfinding for the whole album by laying down the foundations of what is to come. ‘Crossing’ is a more horizontal trip whilst ‘Lazy Bones’ an uptempo freak-out with simplistic rhythms and drum patterns makes you want to dance and is arguably the best show of their expanded reinvention. ‘Home’ is the best Neil Young guitar line he forgot to write. ‘Flight’ is what you have come to expect from the Shjips; laid-back guitars, a solo Steve Hillage would be proud of, bobbing organ and a groove that grows and grows. This is psychedelia for the 21st century. ‘Looking Out’ is another uptempo force with its unrelenting pulse throbbing away and you hope it never stops. ‘Rising’ applies the Neu! trick of reversing and gives an other worldly feel.

The whole album with its steady driving rhythms and thick and distorted guitar lines is boundless, taking the listener on the metaphorical journey, into the vastness their sound produces, but you never get lost here. There are influences from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 00’s in the Wooden Shjips’ music but there is something they have made all their own, making ‘West’ a journey that should not be disregarded. They need it and so do you.


Jason Stoll


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Liverpool prog duo GIGANTES have added two new tracks to their soundcloud page ‘SEAL THE DEAL’ and ‘MOONBOOTS’, the band plan to release their debut record sometime in september.

Check the link and have a listen.

Gentlemans Pistols

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After the recent release of  their second full length  ‘At Her Majestys Pleasure’  released on riseabove records, Gentlemans Pistols have a number shows coming up including a tour support to KARMA TO BURN and also BEHINDTHEWALLOFSLEEP will be putting on a headline gig in LIVERPOOL which is going to be awesome. check out the dates the below :-

24th July 2011 – High Voltage Festival w/ Electric Wizard, Graveyard, Jethro Tull – Hyde Park LondonThur 4th Aug  w/ Karma To Burn at The Fleece,  Bristol
Fri 5th Aug w/ Karma To Burn at  The Camden Underworld, London
Sat 6th Aug  w/Karma To Burn at The Cockpit, Leeds

Sunday 7th August, (HEADLINE GIG) Behindthewall ofsleep show at Mello Mello, Liverpool