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Watter is a new trio made up of close friends and collaborators whose collective pedigree reads like a desert island list of must-haves in experimental rock musicians. Multi-instrumentalists Zak Riles (Grails) and Tyler Trotter are anchored by legendary drummer Britt Walford (Slint, Evergreen) on six genre-defying pieces of monolithic mood music. For Riles and Trotter, it’s a chance to dig deeper into the sandbox in which Grails have sculpted many mercurial masterpieces in recent years; for Walford, it’s the opportunity to play a substantial role in a new active band for the first time in nearly twenty years.

Written, recorded, and produced entirely in the group’s collective studios in Louisville, KY, This World is a stunning combination of heady psychedelic rock, vintage cinematic New Age explorations, and sinister Krautrock, performed with seemingly endless stamina. Born out of many late-night jam sessions, many songs also feature fellow Louisville icons – Rachel Grimes (Rachel’s) provides several of the album’s most sublime moments, and The For Carnation‘s Todd Cook lays the heavy, bass-driven foundation for the penultimate epic, “Seawater.”

This World, released on Temporary Residence, is the kind of album that inspires renewed wonder in the mysterious powers of Louisville’s water supply. It draws impossibly broad inspiration from decades of Eastern and Western folk, rock, ambient, film score, library music, and neoclassical, and masterfully emerges with an ever-enveloping suite perfectly befitting its constantly curious composers.



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loop-logo“Brothers in arms, kindred spirits… call it what you will. There was always a bond and forever shall remain one. Loop and Godflesh back together, where they belong.” Robert Hampson 
LOOP will return to the UK for two co-headline shows with GODFLESH on 4th & 5th June.
“One of our fondest memories from the early days of GODFLESH is whenLOOP, at the peak of their popularity, offered us to support them on a extensive UK tour. ‘Streetcleaner’ had only just been released and was gaining momentum, LOOP opened doors for us and presented us to an unsuspecting public… This forged the bond between LOOP and GODFLESH forever, and now we can share a stage once more, something that I don’t think either band considered would ever happen again, so it is with immense pleasure that we can announce this union.” – Godflesh
shows  their stint of UK dates last year, including a headline performance at ATP’s End Of An Era at Camber Sands,
Preceeding their London dates, Loop will play their first shows across the US since 1990. Starting on 16th April at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia, stopping off at the Austin Psych Fest (3rd & 4th May) and concluding on 16th May at Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, the band will play a total of 21 dates across North America.
12-Apr NL Tilburg Roadburn Festival
16-Apr PA Philadelphia Kung Fu Necktie
17-Apr NY New York Le Poisson Rouge
18-Apr MA Baltimore Metro Gallery
19-Apr MA Cambridge Middle East (Downstairs)
21-Apr QC Montrea La Sala Rossa
22-Apr ON Toronto Wrongbar
23-Apr MI Detroit Magic Stick
25-Apr IA Iowa City Outsound Productions
26-Apr MN St. Paul Turf Club
27-Apr IL Chicago Bottom Lounge
28-Apr MO Kansas City Record Bar
30-Apr TN Knoxville Pilot Light
01-May GA Athens Georgia Theatre
03-May TX Austin Austin Psych Fest at Carson Creek Ranch
04-May TX Austin Austin Psych Fest at Carson Creek Ranch
06-May CA San Diego Soda Bar
07-May CA Los Angeles The Church on York
09-May CA San Francisco Great American Music Hall
10-May CA Santa Cruz Rio Theatre
15-May WA Seattle Chop Suey
16-May OR Portland Doug Fir Lounge
04-Jun UK London Heaven
co-headline w/ Godflesh
05-Jun UK London Heaven
co-headline w/ Godflesh


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Swiftly following the release of their successful third album MASTER, Teeth of the Sea are proud to present a limited Record Store Day LP release of their re-imagined score to Ben Wheatley’s metaphysical midnight movie A Field InEngland. This work sees London’s most adventurous and intrepid psychedelic adventurers allying motifs and psychic spectres from Jim Williams and Blanck Mass’ music and reinterpreting them to their own ends, arriving at a bold and richly atmospheric transmission that takes the rites and revelations of the original work into pastures new.
Originally spurred into action by a commission for Cork Film Festival in November 2013, Teeth of the Sea worked on the audio-visual reworking with their long-standing visual collaborator Benjamin Barfoot (who also created the jaw-dropping ‘Reaper’ video last year and worked on the band’s previous ‘Beyond The Transfinite’ piece, which debuted at Bestival in 2012).
The first performance of A Field In England – Reimagined, in the converted church venue Triskel in Cork in November 2013, wasa resounding sell-out success, as was a repeat performance at the enormous screen one at Hackney Picture House in January 2014.
Inspired by this reaction, the band entered Lightship95, the studio housed on a converted ship on the Thames where they also recorded MASTER, to record the music to this half-hour travelogue. In the process, they found themselves travelling down unforeseen sonic avenues- taking a notably more melodic and pastoral approach, these three tracks find them channelling influences like Flying Saucer AttackBobby Beausoleil, Popol Vuh and ‘La Novia’ era Acid Mothers Temple to mercurial and transformative effect.
Teeth of the Sea’s goal was to take the mind-games, the malevolence and the magick of the film as fuel for a work that exists on a parallel dimension to the earthen realm on which the protagonists carry out their actions. Housed in a sleeve featuring all-new artwork by Rocket Recordings seer Johnny O, and available in a limited edition on thick red wax, A Field In England – Reimaginedrepresents that psychic quest made gloriously manifest.

Star Spangled Banana – Pebbles 2000

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Here’s some 100% hi-octane grooviness c/o the long awaited debut from Star Spangled Banana – pioneers of the happening sound soon to be known to the masses as BUBBLEGRUNGE!


Yes, believe it! Dirty amps tweaked to a happenin’ rhythm and floor-shaking beat, eviscerating the soul of your tired and over-referenced Nuggets comps and bustin’ you loose with some wild grunt and grind! The songs may be familiar, but you will be too furiously wigging out to even care who or what wrote them in the first place.


It’s an ever-lovin’ tribute to the bubblegum greats of yore – The Beatles, The Monkees, Paul Revere, Tommy James, Flipper and more.


The limited edition ‘banana yellow’ vinyl (500 only) LPs comes loaded with a free CD of the musick.


Listen to Star Spangled Banana via Soundcloud


Tracklisting: 01. Let Me, 02. I Can Only Give You Everything, 03. Save My Soul, 04. Let’s Talk About Girls, 05. Hanky Panky, 06. (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone, 07. Circle Sky, 08. Goody Goody Gumdrops, 09. 1.2.3 Red Light, 10. Surfer George, 11. I Wanna Be Your Man, 12. Why Don’t We Do It In The Road, 13. Sex Bomb, 14. You Can’t Do That, 15. Buzzsaw, 16. Bonus Track


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Fire Records will be releasing ‘Peace on Venus’ by Philadelphia’s foremost purveyors of psychedelic rock, Bardo Pond. Delving deep in to their subconscious to bring it to the conscious, the band again dazzle us with their gift for heavy riffs laced with soaring vocals and swathes of sound.
The recording process of ‘Peace On Venus’ used the principle of the Quintessence, which is a principle cited by the 16th Century physician Paracelsus, who noted: “Nothing of true value is located in the body of a substance, but in the virtue thereof, and this is the principle of the Quintessence, which reduces, say 20 lbs. of a given substance into a single Ounce, and that ounce far exceeds the 20 lbs. in potency. Hence the less there is of body, the more in proportion is the virtue thereof.”

As Michael Gibbons from Bardo Pond says: “We wanted to make an album that held true to the single vinyl format LP, and have that be as potent a listening experience as possible. A Less is more statement in essence… The basic tracks were recorded live as a full band here in our studio the “Lemur House”, and subsequently tracked here as well giving a live quality to the tunes.”

More information on Bardo Pond written by Tony Dale, R.I.P., from a feature in The Ptolemaic Terrascope:

The world’s most essential psychedelic rock experience should defy rational explanation and scholarly deconstruction. No tablature can define for you what these latter day cosmic couriers bring to the table, no lyric sheet will give you access to their text; you put the music on, close your eyes, and dream your equivalent of the pond into existence.

Bardo Pond has the outward specifications of a rock band — guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, occasional but crucial flute and violin and vocals — but the rivers that converge into the band’s oneiric flow have their headwaters in the outlands of ecstatic jazz, free noise and the avant-garde. Their slow-motion avalanches of churning instrumentation and voice suggest drugged states but don’t necessarily require them. They alter brain chemistry by the alchemical effect of distressed sound alone, aspiring to become engineers of the soul’s passage to alternate states of consciousness.

At the foundation of the pyramid, the drums of Jason Kourkounis and the bass of Clint Takeda lay down a sinewy, sexy and hypnagogic bottom end. At the centre of the pyramid, the twin guitars of John and Michael Gibbons send out emissaries of fire, flaying flesh from bone in a storm of holy liberation. Isobel Sollenberger inhabits the place where the pyramid meets the eye of their storm, weaving fibres of voice, flute and violin through the din.

I heard someone comment recently that the limits of music have now been defined, bracketed by John Cage’s silence at one end and Merzbow’s maximum noise at the other, leaving only the option of filling the spaces in between. Bardo Pond demonstrate how much scope there is to innovate within that continuum. If rock music is to have any relevance in the new millennium, it is bands like Bardo Pond that will make it so.


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For about a decade now, Dirtbombs front man Mick Collins has threatened that the band’s next release would be their “bubblegum album.” After a couple of records of mostly originals, a compilation of singles and an album of Detroit techno covers, one might have suspected that the concept either fell by the wayside or was a farce to begin with. Well, at long last, here is Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!
It’s understandable to assume that a bubblegum record by The Dirtbombswould be cover versions by groups like the 1910 Fruitgum Company, The Ohio Express and The Archies. After all, the band already has two albums of cover songs under their belt which salute specific genres. That is not the case in this instance. Mick Collins wrote ten new tracks which pay homage to the sound and style originally popularized in the late ’60s / early ’70s by producers / exploiters like Kasenetz-Katz and Don Kirschner. While the usual Dirtbombs’ double-drums, fuzzy guitars and soulful swagger are present, Ooey Gooey is sugary, sunshiny pop rock that recalls Josie & the Pussycats, the Banana Splits and Lancelot Link & the Evolution Revolution, to name but three. It’s all sing-along choruses, childlike themes and a contrived innocence—not the kind of record one would’ve predicted from a guy who once fronted The Gories.
The original bubblegum music was a cash-in produced on an assembly-line using studio musicians and hired songwriters, who dashed out the stuff as quickly as possible and most likely forgot about it even quicker. While The Dirtbombs adhere to some of this original approach by using a list of guest musicians so long there wasn’t room to credit them on the album cover,Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey! is actually a carefully crafted work almost two years in the making.


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mainliner jpeg

One of the most celebrated Japanese Underground bands have returned! It may have taken over 12 years, but Kawabata Makoto, guitar guru and head honcho in Acid Mothers Temple, has finally decided to get his celebrated ‘psychedelic solid free attack group’ back together.

Support comes from three of Liverpool’s finest sonic terrorists The Left Hand, Fortunatus and Norweb. Get yourself in the mood for Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia. FREAKOUT!!
Come early to ensure your place!

The Blade Factory at Camp and Furnace,
67 Greenland Street, Liverpool L1 0BY



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Beginning a new chapter of their ongoing legacy, Bristol’s psych rock band The Heads will follow in the footsteps of Enslaved,CircleJustin K Broadrick and Neige (Alcest) as Artist In Residence at the 2014 Roadburn Festival.

 “If that’s not a freakout, then I’m a Dutchman” – John Peel (on the airing of the first Heads’ Peel session).

“The Heads are a national institution” — Stewart Lee / Sunday Times.

With Heads’ members recording and releasing solo albums – Simon Price focusing on his solo project Kandodo (roping inWayne Maskell and H O Morgan to augment the Kandodo live performance) and Paul Allen leaving the fold to focus on his solo venture ANTHROPROPH, it seemed that The Heads might be on a constant hiatus. However, rehearsals for Kandodo’s forthcoming live shows made the remaining trio – SimonHugo and Wayne –to reconsider The Heads as a band, and start working out new jams with a view to recording new Heads material purely as a studio project.

The band’s idea was to record some new tracks with various guest lead guitarists and re-connecting via mutual friends (having briefly met in Seattle in 2000 where they all shared the same bill) it was a proverbial lightbulb flash moment: ”Ask John McBain!”– a man who’s work with early Monster Magnet, was a major influence on the Heads in their formative years. Having recorded and toured with Hater and Wellwater Conspiracy and guested on recent Carlton Melton recordings, John McBain, now based in San Francisco, was immediately excited by the proposition and agreed to jump onto the ride.

Roadburn is The Heads’ spiritual home, and they are honoured to be asked to be the Artist in Residence and are excited to have John McBain join them for this and new recordings. As part of the Artist in ResidenceKandodo will perform as a three piece on Friday April 13th at Het PatronaatThe Heads will play a live set for the first time with John McBain on Saturday April 12th at the Main StageThe Heads (ft. John McBain)’ residency will lead in to a collaboration with fellow psychedelic travellers Carlton Melton in a one-off Roadburn exclusive performance on Sunday April 13th at the Main Stage as well.

Carlton Melton will also be playing their own set at Roadburn (scheduled for Saturday April 12th)

Of course, the fact LOOP are headlining, well, that makes it even more amazing, over three days at Roadburn 2014.


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fbFuck Buttons play a warm-up Show @ Deaf Institute, Manchester THIS Saturday 18th May 2013

Fuck Buttons are back with a new album and a string of live festival shows this summer.

Ahead of their appearance at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona later this month, Fuck Buttons have announced that they will play a small warm-up show (their first UK live show in two years) at The Deaf Institute, Manchester on Saturday 18th May 2013.

Further details of the new Fuck Buttons album will follow shortly.

LOOP Reform and Curate ATP

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Never ever thought this would happen – but LOOP have reformed. They will also perform at the last ATP staged in a holiday camp in the UK.

Robert Hampson explains:

It was a long time ago… and it didn’t really finish that well. I’m not sure anyone of us can really put our fingers on specific reasons, for they are legion, but after many many years of being asked why not play again, I can’t seem to find any excuses for why not to anymore.

To always pursue a forward motion has been my goal, but what goes around comes around as they say.

It seems that as much as you try to run as far as you can away from it, your past will always haunt you. I have never really slept well over the demise of Loop, it always felt unfinished. If I had a pound coin given to me for every time I get asked to reform Loop, I’d be a very rich man by now. I had always baulked at the idea, especially when I have been asked to perform songs with a pick-up band, something I could never do… ever.

It’s not that I am precious, but at the same time, without John and Neil holding down that centre, I’d never be able to wave, it would never be the same.

I’m so proud to say that the line-up of John Wills, Neil Mackay, Scott Dowson and myself have agreed to perform a limited number of shows from late 2013 to mid 2014 at various venues across the world. To perform from all stages of the Loop arc, enjoy it again, hoping that we make plenty of people happy again and maybe give people a chance to see it for the first time… then, we can put it finally to rest with a better feeling of completion and that a chapter is really over. I sincerely hope it maybe refreshing to us and to others. For some, it may simply not be on their radar anymore. Well, it’s simple enough for them, don’t buy a ticket. It’s going to blink and you miss it because it’s not going to be around long, I refuse to prolong it and for it to become embarrassing. It’ll be sharp and to the point…straight to your heart and then, it’s gone.


RH April 2013